Our products

Caterpillar D8 R Dozer

Whether you are looking for a complete equipment system including electricity and automation, an individual machine, a means of transport, or a part, we can supply all the technology necessary for digging, moving, reducing in size, sorting, and processing raw materials such as stone/freestone, gravel, clay, and ores.

Our products can be categorised into five applications:

  • Machines and equipment for the reduction in size and sorting of mineral raw materials
  • Earth-moving and mining machinery
  • Road construction machines and equipment
  • Dredging machines and wet earth-moving
  • Electricity supply and diesel engines


Besides the sales of large machines and equipment, we also have a wide range of parts and components available from stock, both new and used. These include electrical components such as switches, soft starters, fuses, and complete switch boxes, and mechanical components such as batching conveyors, screen decks, transmissions, belt drive components, and levellers.

Earthmoving Equipment in the Yard of BBL Equipment BV